About Me

"I work with women who struggle to express themselves and communicate effectively so that they can speak with confidence, have those difficult conversations, and ultimately change their world for the better."

I’ve always been a good speaker, but I didn’t know that what came easily to me was so hard for others. I remember in high school entering a public speaking competition just because my best friend was doing it.

All the kids were talking about how scared they were to get up on stage, and I was mystified. Why were they so scared? It really didn’t faze me, I was happy to speak in front of the crowd.

It wasn’t the same for my friend Randa, though. She was stressed about her upcoming job interview and shook every time she thought about it. She felt like she couldn’t express herself correctly, and worried that even though she had the skills, her inability to articulate her thoughts clearly was going to cost her the job.

Or the local wellness practioner, whose successful spiritual business was going to be featured on a local interview radio show. Instead of jumping for joy, Sylvia was jumpy with stress. She wanted to connect with the audience but was scared that her holistic message just wouldn’t be understood.

Listening to my friend’s problems, I knew I could help them. They are amazing women who just needed to own their voice, find their inner strength and speak with confidence. We worked together and amazingly Randa got the job! And the local wellness practioner, who was called back to be on the radio show 3 times!

A military brat born in Halifax, I worked for years in the beauty industry as part of a retail sales team that was top 10 in North America, and later in the financial planning arena. Presenting and speaking to 1000’s of people doing sales and educational training while travelling honed my self confidence and speaking skills.

But something was wrong. It just wasn’t the fulfilling work that would feed my soul.

I knew I wanted more, and I began to train as a Personality Dimensions Trainer and also a Certified Life Coach. Working with women to transform their lives was my goal, but how? What special gift did I have that would make a difference?

And then I had my golden moment. I was attending a business networking event, and the MC had to bow out because he was sick - couldn’t speak! I stepped in to replace him on the fly and discovered something about myself - the words just came and I let them flow. I could read the audience, and work in the moment. I felt alive!

It was as though the universe had hit me on the head with a 2x4 - CLEARLY the MC was sick for a reason. If I could feel so empowered when I let my voice shine, I knew how amazing it could be for other women to use their voices to speak up and create a better world.

Just like ​ Randa .Just like the local wellness practioner. Just like you.

If you’re looking for help with

  • Speaking with confidence
  • Effective communication skills
  • Having difficult conversations - both at work and in life
  • Finding your inner voice and giving yourself permission to speak

Book a call with me, and we’ll explore how we can work together.

For me, speaking is a gift. For you, it might be a package of fear. But there are many days ahead and there are many gifts to open. You CAN speak with confidence and change your future. You CAN be heard and understood.

Let's have a conversation...and connect!