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Sheri Godfrey works with women who struggle to express themselves and communicate effectively so that they can speak with confidence, have those difficult conversations, and ultimately change their world for the better.

A military brat who was born in Halifax, Sheri has a background in the beauty and esthetics industry. She has been behind the chair, owned salons and worked in a retail sales team that sat in the top 10 in North America.

Tired of the parameters that the ceiling and the floor dictated in the corporate world she ventured into Financial Planning with Investors Group and learned from strong women leaders who helped to guide her career.

1000’s of hours of intensive sales presentations, speaking, educating and coaching led Sheri to her ultimate path of helping women express themselves and communicate effectively.

Her signature program, “Unleash Your Voice” helps clients speak with confidence, develop their professional leadership and authority, and improve their abilities to ask and receive both at home and at work.

Sheri is a Certified Life Coach and Personality Dimensions Trainer, and has been featured on the CKWS Women’s Speaker Series as well as radio programs and podcasts.

Conversations to Connect: Signature Talks

Master your Message

Ever been in a networking situation where you delivered your ‘message’ (aka pitch) only to feel unheard, unseen and undervalued? This talk helps you hone in on your zone of genius and find the words that resonate with your audience and most importantly, resonate with you. You don’t need to sell your soul to master your message. Being true to yourself while impacting those around you IS possible. Let’s rise up and claim your voice and your confidence.

No Is A Complete Sentence - How To Grow By Saying No

Do you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list? Do you keep saying yes to obligations that drain your energy and leave you gasping for air? As Women we need to be able to set boundaries - both personally and at work. We need to be comfortable saying NO and realize that our time has value. I believe you can be kind and firm to those around you while also being mindful of your limits. Sometimes NO is just what you need to grow.

Successful Co-Parenting

From restraining orders to more open communication - it is possible!

Co-parenting can be a daunting task when 2 parents see things differently. The ongoing battles & feuding put your children at a higher risk of low self esteem, depression, and anxiety. If you’re willing to see things from a different perspective co-parenting CAN become easier for your family. This talk discusses real life chaos in the co-parenting realm from Sheri’s hands-on experience and explores practical communication solutions to restore calm and harmony within the family.

"Sheri speaks from her heart and has a beautiful and authentic way of telling a story. Her speaking engagements are engaging and inspiring. Her goals is to help women to stand firm in their power and use their voice to change the world they live in. I would highly recommend Sheri as a speaker."

- V. Ophelia Rigault, Radio and Television Host, YourTV

"Sheri is down - to - earth, and a kind and loving truth teller. She'll give it to you straight, but always with love and compassion. She's not afraid to share her own struggles to help other women know that they're not alone."

- Jo Ann K

Upcoming Events

Conversations to Connect for Business

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month

A lunch / Networking group of Women to talk Business.

Master you Message

1 Feb 2020

A full day retreat style workshop with co-host Carl Richards

Resolutions Out. Revolutions In.

2nd Feb 2020

A full day workshop with Jacquie Costron

Conversations to Connect & Grow

8 Feb 2020

Find your Voice Full day workshop with co-host V.Ophelia Rigault

WOW Ottawa Event

9 Feb 2020

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Signature Talk

22 Feb 2020

Full day retreat style workshop with co-host Carl Richards


28 Feb 2020

Full day retreat style workshop co-hosted with Carl Richards                                     AAAAA

Thinking on your feet & speaking off the cuff

25 April 2020

Full day retreat style workshop with co-host Carl Richards

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