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Sheri Godfrey Motivational Speaker

Make difficult conversations easy, and easy conversations meaningful.

I teach women how to speak with confidence in their work & their life to connect, communicate, and thrive

It's on binge - replay in your head.

That difficult conversation you KNOW you have to have, the one that just HAS to go well.

Or maybe that conversation happened yesterday, and you can't stop thinking about it. Why is it so tough to say what's inside you? Why do you FEEL every little thing, and you still can't talk about it?

Sometimes you can't sleep. You toss and turn, going over it a million times, trying different words, hoping that somehow you'll morph into a new woman - one that exudes confidence.

A woman who can clearly say what she means without fear. A woman who can speak her mind, get the point across, and make them all understand.

But that woman just isn't you.

How many times have you turned down an opportunity, stumbled over your words, been misunderstood, or just avoided the conversaton completely because you were scared?

You didn't know what to say, and you REALLY didn't know how to say it.

"If you just communicate, you can get by. But if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles." Jim Rohn


You entered this world with a voice you were not ashamed of. It's time to reclaim that voice and live your exhilirating life.

Hi, I'm Sheri Godfrey, and I'm a communication and confidence coach.

I founded Conversations To Connect to help you nail that job interview, make the scary speech, and actually be heard and understood by your husband and kids. It all starts with letting your inner voice, and giving yourself permission to speak up.

As women, when we give ourselves the gift of using our voice we can change our lives, advocate in our communities, and speak up for a better world

Group Coaching

Unleash Your Voice

Unleash Your Voice is a powerful group coaching workshop designed to move you from scared and silent to confident and communicative.

Whether you are looking to develop your professional leadership and authority, or simply to set boundries in your personal life and improve your ability to ask and receive. Unleash Your Voice will teach you to translate your thoughts and feelings into a message that can be understand.


Sheri is an engaging and inspiring speaker who helps women turn their spoken word into their most powerful communication tool. Her talks focus on giving women the confidence to own their voice - whether in their business relationships, their family structure, or in the intimacy of their bedroom.

Sheri believes that empowing women to speak their truth, whatever that truth might be, opens the door to changing lives, communities, and ultimately creating a better world

"Sheri thank you so much for your help with preparing for my interview. Your advise and gentle guidance instilled the confidence I had lost in my abilities and skills. I'm back to bullet speed, with an open mindset and ready for the challenges ahead. And I got the job!"

- R.Winikoff

Sheri is down-to-earth, and a kind and loving truth teller. She'll give it to you straight, but always with love and compassion. You feel safe with Sheri, she makes it easy to open up and share what you're going through."

- Jo Ann K

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